A New Approach.

We have teamed up with Walmart to bring exciting new concepts to life that include the integration of food, beverage, entertainment, community connectivity & green spaces.

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Forward Thinking Individuals

We are always looking for talented Architects and Designers. Visit our Careers Page to view current openings.


A Unique Approach.

We bring concepts to life with the help of an experienced design team and the incorporation of a rendering and animation approach.

Massa Multimedia Architecture


A Successful Formula.

Our architectural approach embraces each project with an open and fresh viewpoint. The forms that emerge from our architecture design process are a direct reflection of a rigorous design exploration we undertake with each of our clients.


The Power of Inspiration.

MMA believes in the power of education and its lasting contribution to future generations.  We believe in the power of great design to shape the educational experience and to inspire those whom it surrounds.


A New Era.

As we turn the page on 2017,  we look to the future of our firm and the endless possibilities.  MMA has acquired a tremendously talented team in JMD Architects from Greenville SC. 


A Clear Message.

A company’s brand represents their market identity.  We identify what the brand is and ensure that the customers see the same picture, through architectual design as well as the vast array of multimedia services we provide.

Massa Multimedia Architecture

Some of Our Recent Projects

Traditional Services

Architectural Design

We create sketches of your project which give form to the qualities and functions described and respond to the unique features of your site.

Interior Design

We shape the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment for the betterment of human functionality.

Master Planning

High-quality designs that create a strong identity and enhance the long-term value of a new development project are both key to the success of any master planning assignment.

Project Entitlement

Applicable zoning regulations, municipal codes, General Plan, and neighborhood council requirements – resulting in project approval from a Planning Commission or City Council.


We prepare dimensioned architectural drawings and detailed specifications for construction which describe the materials, sizes, and relationships of built components.

Construction Admin

During construction, we serve as your advocate to interpret the construction drawings, answer questions and work out details as necessary.

Innovative Services


Bring your project to life at any stage of development with the creation of diagramatic, romantic or photorealistic renderings


Working closely with our clients we shape the way a project is presented and showcased using the latest technology available.

Sustainable Design

Designing physical objects, the built environment, and services to comply with the principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

Web Development

Websites that adapt to each unique visitor. We work to ensure your website is effective and easy to use on any device.

Virtual Reality

A new offering from Studio B. You can now experience a 360 view of your project renderings on a dedicated webpage.


Get your message heard with our marketing sevices. Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization & social media marketing.

Our Portfolio

CASE STUDY: Montgomery Promenade

A 360 Project.

See how we have incorporated Branding, Virtual Reality & Video Marketing and other technologies along with Web Development and print to help launch this project and help with the leasing of the Montgomery Promenade.

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MMA News

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In the competitive world of retail design, Massa Multimedia Architecture uses cutting-edge animation to hold the attention of industry Goliaths, including Walmart and CVS.American Builders Quarterly |
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