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Design & construction

Our  IPD  process that utilizes DfMA methodology and modular components has enabled us to prototype projects and reduce a significant amount of construction time. We are now designing, assembling, and building 100,000+ sf central prescription, prescription mail order, and specialty fulfillment facilities, as well as projects in optometry, vision, and branding programs nationwide. MMA developed a pre-manufactured brand prototype, allowing for several hundred linear feet of branding work to be completed within 1-3 days at each site. The work was done during non-operational store hours so as not to impact operations.

MMA can refurbish existing locations and bring your new ventures to market quickly. MMA worked on three clinics in the Dallas & Fort Worth area and was instrumental in helping to bring their clinics to market in record time. Everything from the ceiling grid down to the floor was completed in roughly 12 days, including all walls, finished floors, electrical, plumbing, casework, and all medical equipment and furnishings. These were some of the fastest clinics MMA has designed, assembled, and built to date.