A Unique Approach.


Arts, Physics and Culture:  When properly combined, create memorable environments that leave a lasting impression. We approach each project from an unique perspective that fits within the context of its surroundings. An experience that is unexpected but feels right in the design.  Taking a plan and bringing it to life in a couple of days.  Capture the attention of your tennants while showcasing a project for marketing.


Leasing POV

Customizing the existing space to fit the Branding guide of potential leasing client. We will ensure the space looks like it was built with the brand in mind.

Architectual Design

We create sketches of your project which give form to the qualities and functions described and respond to the unique features of your site.

Tennant Fit-Outs

The process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation. Design, final finishing and branding of the internal space to the tenants requirements.

Master Planning

High-quality designs that create a strong identity and enhance the long-term value of a new development project are both key to the success of any master planning assignment.


We prepare dimensioned architectural drawings and detailed specifications for construction which describe the materials, sizes, and relationships of built components.

Construction Admin

During construction, we serve as your advocate to interpret the construction drawings, answer questions and work out details as necessary.

The Shoppes at Middletown

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The Shoppes at Middletown will be a premier 340,000 square-foot town center featuring a specialty grocery store, upscale national retailers and restaurants, local boutique shops, and a luxury cinema with a dine-in theater experience.

Located in eastern Monmouth County, New Jersey, the center will be positioned at the intersection of State Highway Route 35 and Kings Highway East and just minutes from the Garden State Parkway in the Township of Middletown.

This architecturally distinctive retail destination will be designed with exquisitely landscaped pedestrian areas, wide sidewalks, inviting ambient lighting, and relaxing outdoor seating areas. The exceptional quality creates a sense of place and an area for the community to gather, allowing shoppers to enjoy a memorable experience, encouraging longer and more frequent shopping visits.

Asbury Park, NJ

Asbury Park, NJ: A bustling beach community and central hub for some of New Jersey’s most notable attractions and venues for entertainment and leisure.

Within this project MMA is playing a major role in the redesigning and planning of a large portion of the Asbury Park Boardwalk, stretching from the Asbury Park Casino in the South all the way to the famous Convention Hall at the North end.

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Freedom Pointe

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Freedom Pointe embodies a true live, work, and play culture featuring over 500,000 square feet of shopping, dining, entertainment, Class-A corporate offices, and a high-end national Hotel brand.

Fashionable, exciting, and state-of-the-art, Freedom Pointe can be looked at as a second home and one-stop destination for today’s consumer. Day or night, Freedom Pointe is designed to create a lively environment and a one of a kind experience featuring main-street, pedestrian-friendly
walkways, spectacular storefront design and architecture.

Promenade at Montgomery

Montgomery Township is located in the heart of Somerset County, NJ.  With a population of 22,746 people based on the 2015 data release has the population continuing to grow as NJ residents continue the demand for great schools.  Montgomery High School was recently ranked #16 in the state of NJ.  With such a high ranking the home values have remained very strong and inventory has remained low.

The township is served by two main highways, Route 208 and Route 518.  NJ Transit for the Northeast Corridor serves many residents which is close by to Princeton Junction.  Nearby is also Princeton airport, containing a 3,500′ long by 75’ wide runway, servicing the area with small propeller planes and helicopters.

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Shark River

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Shark River, located closest to Neptune Township and Asbury Park, is a quaint Riverside Community in Monmouth County, NJ. As of the 2010 United States census, there were 3,697 people, 1,511 households, and 1,065 families residing in the surrounding area.