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Introduction to MMA



At Massa Multimedia Architecture, PC (MMA) we understand that reconfiguring current space can be both costly and time-consuming. Organizational needs, market pressures, and industry regulations, coupled with site limitations can present unique challenges. Space that is antiquated, ineffectively designed or under-utilized can affect key performance indicators such as quality, safety, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction, which impacts an organization’s success.

MMA will ensure that healthcare institutions meet the ever-changing demands of the healthcare market. When you partner with MMA, we take care of it all, every aspect of the project from entitlements and permits, to design, manufacturing, sourcing, and assembly. Our modern method of design and construction affords our clients with buildings, structures, and interior designs that provide optimal solutions in the built environment with reduced CAPEX complexity and production costs, ultimately getting projects to market quicker.

Our Mission and Vision

MMA employs an Integrated Project Delivery System (IPD) and Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA) approach which incorporates prefabricated clinical walls, building climate systems, HVAC, lead shielding, magnet technology, vacuum plumbing systems, and any other innovation the job requires. Our streamlined approach offers measurable goals and measurable outcomes that address space complexity, create build consistency, and enhance speed to market. Our regulatory-compliant solution has low life cycle costs, is clean, durable, and dependable, with potential for future repurposing and adaptability. MMA’s solution is sustainable, lean, and the ideal choice for the built environment.

MMA are the architects behind inbox health clinics nationwide and our scope of services has evolved to an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) system. We are not only the designers; we are the manufacturers, assemblers, builders, and sourcing team for every component and system of the project.

The prefabrication, modularization, and standardization of construction processes and assets within factory-controlled environments, supported by DfMA techniques, offer a viable solution to traditional build challenges. By presenting transformative improvements across the asset lifecycle in time, cost, quality, health, and safety, off-site construction offers predictability, accuracy, and consistency.

The traditional Design-Negotiated Bid-Build archetype often results in construction deliverables that lack build consistency, as means and methods are managed by various contractors resulting in finish and quality inconsistencies.  At a time when our industry is facing a skills shortage, taking the build off-site into a factory-controlled environment reduces the levels of resources required and is not dependent on traditional construction skills. Developing solutions that are ‘assembled’ rather than ‘constructed’ offers the prospect of using fewer people in a more controlled and safer environment.

Definition of Terms

DfMA is used as the foundation for concurrent engineering processes to simplify and fully optimize the structure wherever possible, to reduce manufacturing and assembly costs, and to quantify improvements. By facilitating greater off-site manufacturing and vastly reducing on-site construction, buildings are constructed with higher levels of speed and safety. This process delivers both resource and cost efficiencies, and will not impede creative design, inspiration, or compromise on quality.

IPD is a construction project delivery method that combines ideas from integrated practice and lean construction processes. It seeks efficiency and involvement of all participants (people, systems, business structures and practices) through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction. IDP reduces CAPEX complexity by simplifying key processes with a unified project execution approach, allowing the client to better manage CAPEX risk.

Our DfMA Documentary short film showcases our various team members and IPD bandwidth nationwide. Some of our national partners include Trane, Acorn, CED, KI, USEI, Herman Miller, and Hamilton Casework, the list continues to grow. The timelapse video from one of our Jacksonville Florida clinics (Jacksonville Timelapse) recently completed in 2022 displays how our crews methodically assemble a health clinic using scissor lifts and screw guns. It is an impressive quantity or work completed in such a short amount of time. Another important observation is how clean the site is maintained daily.

Our most recent project is a Health & Wellness Clinic at store 0001 in Rogers, we assembled it in 11 weeks. Our work included everything from the build itself to installing all FF&E and obtaining all required regulatory approvals including physicist certifications and proper shielding for radiological diagnostics to allow our client to open for business.  We exceeded the client’s stringent construction compliance requirements, and their Compliance Team was extremely happy with our performance. They were impressed with how clean and safe we maintained our project site, basically dust free! View our Time Lapse and project duration (Project Timelapse) along with an animated process of systems installation installed in the field (DfMA Timelapse).