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Modern-day Uses for Magnets

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Modern-day uses
for magnets

Magnets have been used for thousands of years by many cultures throughout the world, often for therapeutic purposes. Today magnets are incorporated in industrial machinery, consumer products, computers and even transportation. Industrial Magnets are used in auto manufacturing and aerial manufacturing industries to hold and transport large metal components. Electromagnets are used in industrial conveyor systems, and by cranes to pick up and drop heavy loads.

We use magnet technology as part of our clinic design, as magnets offer increased adaptability and flexibility to the end user. Our walls have steel surfaces which provide the ability for us to mount everything your clinic needs using industrial grade magnets specifically designed to hold their corresponding weight: monitors, Ergatrons, Inter-Diagnostic panels, sharps container, paper towel holders, etc. When there is a need to repurpose a room or adjust equipment to meet regulatory codes, there is no drilling into your walls, no mess, no holes, and no hassle. Our innovative magnet technology is strong and safe and allows for the design, branding or function of a room to be changed easily just by adding or removing the necessary items.