Educational Architecture Services

     The new PS 24Q school, designed by Graves-MMA JV Architects PLLC, will be located on an existing zoning lot that consists of two corner lots and a through lot totaling 65,000 square feet.  The site is bounded to the east, south, and west by Robinson Street, Holly Avenue, and Union Street, respectively. Immediately to the north, exists two and three-story, single family residential buildings. The surrounding immediate neighborhood is comprised significantly of closely spaced, two to three-story detached, single family residential buildings.

     The existing structure covers more than half of the current site and while the original structure dates to 1931, there were two (2) wing additions built in late 1950s with two (2) Transportable Classroom Units (TCUs) installed more recently at the northwest corner to address increased student capacity. Presently, there is an early removals project underway at the site that will remove one of the additions, an existing 1-Story Kindergarten wing constructed in 1959, along with the two (2) TCUs in order to enable future construction of the New School Facility. Work will take place during the school year after daily sessions. 

     The overall school will consist of five stories plus bulkhead and cellar levels with a total zoning floor area of 125,155 square feet which will accommodate 692 additional students for Community School District 25. The purpose of the proposed project is to provide additional long-term capacity to relieve the overcrowding of the existing PS 24Q facility. The current main entrance is being relocated to Union Street as the new main lobby will be situated within the first floor of the New Building. This new entry will provide access to both the new and existing school facilities. Elevators are also being introduced within the new structure to provide accessibility to all floors of the Existing Building. The new school will include a larger Student Dining at the Cellar level to accommodate the increased student capacity. In addition, a Rooftop playground is being provided at the 5th Floor level to replace the outdoor play area consumed by the new building footprint. The school will be out to bid in June of 2016, and is scheduled to open September 2018.

     This project, as with all of our New York City school projects, will be LEED Certified due to Local Law 86/05, which was enacted in 2005 by the NYC Council establishing a demanding set of sustainable standards for public construction projects in New York City. This local law made NYC the first school district in the nation to have sustainable school design. This law requires that all NYC funded new schools, additions and substantial reconstruction projects with construction budgets greater that $2 million be “designed and constructed to comply with green building standards not less stringent than standards to achieve LEED certified or higher rating”