Asbury Park Sun reveals 4th Ave Pavilion Redesign
Asbury Park Sun
Asbury Park Sun

By Michelle Gladden

Asbury Park Sun reveals 4th Ave Pavilion

redesign plans by Massa Multimedia Architecture.

Madison Marquette’s Fourth Avenue Pavillion renovation will proceed with a few changes should the City Council, serving as the redevelopment authority, and the Planning Board grant approval. 

Initially approved in October 2017, the boardwalk redeveloper came back with plan changes in December that included a roof deck reduction, an ADA ramp relocation and allowing 10 days each year for City use. 

The Fourth Avenue Pavilion is located directly across from iStar’s Ocean Club – the master waterfront redeveloper’s ongoing 17-story high rise that will feature a boutique hotel, luxury homes and ground floor commercial space.

Asbury Park Sun reveals 4th Ave Pavilion

redesign plans by Massa Multimedia Architecture.

Asbury Park Sun 

4th Ave Pavilion

This time around, the changes are based on feedback from “the market” of possible second-floor tenants, the new proposal states.

Plans now include eliminating a roof deck and reconfiguration for second-floor office space to accommodate potential entertainment users ‘for a large open floor plan for activities such as arcade games, ping pong, and pool.’ The option to revert to initial office space plans would remain.

The governing body will vote Wednesday to send a total of 17 plan changes over to the Planning Board for vetting. The plan and its changes include: 

  • A redesign of the stair layouts along Ocean Avenue – stairways to the front deck would be similar to the Fifth Avenue Pavilion design. 
  • Deck space to displace retail wares or provide outside seating for restaurants. 
  • The addition of an Ocean Avenue entrance to access basement storage. 
  • A basement lifeguard area featuring bathrooms and lockers. 
  • The center located public arcade area features retail tenant spaces. 
  • Replacing center located overhead glass door and side egress doors with two swing double doors along the boardwalk side.
  • A central stair and elevator to the basement and rooftop have been removed.
  • Modifications to the first-floor retail and restaurant tenant space.  
  • The second floor redesigned to adapt to retail, food service and/or amusement/recreation use, with the space adaptable for one tenant or several.
  • Second-floor access in the center of the building. 
  • North and south end second-floor balcony spaces are reconfigured – now larger and private for tenants only. 
  • If the tenant serves food and beverage, they may be consumed on the balconies.
  • The stair extensions to the roof level are now eliminated, as well as support spaces such as the deck, bathrooms and storage. Only mechanical screening is left on the roof. 
  • Façade materials are a gray metal storefront, white stucco, precast concrete, white brick at the ends of the building, metal roof fascia, and metal gray metal panels to screen the mechanicals. 
  • Canopy locations are reconfigured and the center building arcade entrance is redesigned.
 The City’s Technical Review Committee recommended white brick instead of red brick, saying it keeps with the waterfront Art Moderne design guidelines of the master plan. They also asked the Planning Board to analyze lighting, logos and signage designs.
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