Bayonne Towers

Client: LGroup
Location: Bayonne, NJ

A Vision for Bayonne
The iconic waterway trail that starts from the Atlantic Ocean, under the Verrazano Bridge and through the narrows and into the New York Bay is a breathtaking journey that moves your eyes from start to finish. Within this trail sits Manhattan, Jersey City, Staten Island and Brooklyn as a backdrop. A navigator needs to work his way by the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Liberty State Park and a bustling boat community. Nestled in this journey is the Bayonne peninsula, whose waterfront currently sits stagnant with little redevelopment from its past as an industrial hub. This untapped potential has some of the greatest views back to back to the waterways with lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island as its backdrop. The bay that Bayonne is surrounded by is the mouth of the Hudson River which then sprawls into the Atlantic Ocean. As the city of Bayonne evolves its economy of manufacturing, distribution and maritime activities, it must not forget that it holds a portion of a golden piece of land which is the Port of New York and New Jersey.
This property currently sits idle, but our vision is that a new Beacon is to be born.

Why does this vison make the City of Bayonne (a Port City) iconic?

This amazing harbor vision connects features such as geography, history, sense of place, maritime, economic engines, melting pots of culture, major highways and transit systems and so much more. A community that is pedestrian friendly, walkable, bikeable and state of the art. The densification of this port city vision creates its own self-sustainable Eco System while simultaneously allowing connectivity to so much of its surroundings. The New York Bay is a naturally protected harbor and has served historically as an extremely safe port that is relatively easy to locate using simple navigation. Citizens of Bayonne has a strong sense of place. They use the harbor and other points of reference to locate themselves geographically. But more importantly, they identify their home and values in relation to the city and harbor. It is significant to residents when they refer to themselves or are referred to as “The People of Bayonne.”

Bayonne is situated in the New York Bay along the Hudson River waterways and is extremely visible from a variety of vantage points, from the time you enter the harbor from the Atlantic Ocean through the Verrazano Narrows, to the East River. Extraordinary views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Governors Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Jersey City and so much more. Bayonne’s renaissance will provide the strong economic engines it has long been craving for.

The amount of trade, particularly international trader that flows by its port is extremely significant and Bayonne deserves the opportunity to capitalize on this opportunity as its surrounding neighbors have. Bayonne will continue to enhance its already diversified Melting Pot. Bayonne has long been known for its tight knit communities and this vision will ultimately reinforce its presence on the world stage and especially amongst its local neighbors.

The Bayonne Towers Vision will change the iconic New York skyline and serve as a beacon for travelers, tourists, locals and everything in between. The New York metropolitan area is estimated to house a population of over 20 million, many of whom will be influenced and inspired by this unique waterside concept.

The towers modern and sleek design will skyrocket the bay area into the future, inspiring more advancement and development of the local areas surrounding the site. A staple in a self sustaining economic engine is a local flow of constant commerce, and as the area develops this commerce will only increase.


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During his tenure at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and after earning his Bachelor of Architecture, Tom has spent close to Thirty Years in planning, design, construction and contract administration for a wide range of large and small-scale projects. He joined the company in early 1997 and as one of MMA’s Principals, he has been responsible for overseeing the growth and success of the educational design studio for the last two decades. His responsibilities include contract generation, establishing budgets for hard and soft costs, design consultant coordination, and overseeing construction administration and project close-out. Tom attributes his success to his attention to detail, and his ability to work effectively with all stakeholders.