Memorial Drive Plaza

Client: Kimco
Location: Cambridge, MA

Memorial Drive Plaza, located at Memorial Drive and Pleasant Street, Cambridge MA features a 62,555 SF site, including parking, all amenities and buildings. Featuring 217 Apartment buildings, as well as 269 parking spots throughout the site, Memorial Drive Plaza is an accessible and convenient site that utilizes entertainment, lifestyle, residency, retail and frivolity. Memorial Plaza is located 2 miles from Boston’s city limits in the sister city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. This property offers an incredible opportunity to potentially redevelop within a very limited market of primary greater Boston.




Conference & Deal Making
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA

We’re going to be at the ICSC PA/NJ/DE Conference & Deal Making event and would like to meet with you. We’re working with a variety of developers and real estate firms across the US and given the opportunity, would like to show you what we can do.


Sep 2019

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