Montgomery Promenade Marketing

Client: Madison Marquette
Location: Montgomery Township, NJ

Montgomery Promenade was a true 360 degree project that utilized all of the services that MMA/Studio B offer.  Soon after the Architectural Services were underway for the project we began the process of developing branding for the center.  We knew that the center would cater to 4 different experiences for its customers, those being the retail, dining, entertainment and the acre large green space that would host seasonal activites ranging from yoga and ice skating to farmers markets and concerts.  The results of the branding design process were well recived by the developer and we began to work on the print marketing materials and web development to compliment the tone of the architecture.


Web Development
Graphic Design
Video Marketing
Email Marketing
Virtual Reality
Social Media Marketing
Interactive Leasing Map

Video Animation

Montgomery Promenade

Case Study

Montgomery Promenade

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