The Dream – Walmart Dallas, GA

Client: Walmart
Location: Dallas, GA

MMA specializes in creating spaces and experiences; designing an environment can create a lasting impression through an immersive relationship with that particular place. Accompanying our famous flagship Walmart medical clinic in Dallas, GA, MMA’s designers were tasked with the opportunity to create one of these spaces. Our firm went in with a pool of research on public spaces and parks, delving into a much deeper meaning than what generally meets the eye when we think of somewhere we can go for a run, take our pets, kids or join our friends. Possibly a place for solitude and reflection, or a palette cleanser to empty the mind of the day’s stress. Outdoor spaces are therapeutic as well as mentally stimulating, freeing the mind and potentially inspiring. Whether straight or more complex, a path gives a person a sense of safety. A means to have one’s feet on the ground while bridging the gap to more vivid reality. An Archway, Gate, Stand of trees, pergola or another marker that denotes a clear transition from the everyday rat race to a reflective space in a pleasing and calming environment. A defined point or points, toward which someone moves along the path, a kind of journey outside of everyday life. Foliage, fencing, trees, gardens, sculpture, or other means to provide an encompassing sense of boundary, safety, and enclosure within a sanctuary.


3D Modeling
Architectural Design
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