Yeshiva Beis Hachinuch

Client: Yeshiva Beis Hachinuch
Location: Lakewood

MMA has been chosen to develop the conceptual design for a multi phase construction project for a premier private boys High School in Lakewood. Phase One encompasses the high school building with state of the art classrooms, a large beis medarsh sanctuary and study hall, a full kosher cooking kitchen and dining facilities, as well as a full regulation size gymnasium.

Phase 2 envisions the growth of the school to include a post high school college level program, and Phase Three includes the eventual expansion to include dormitory facilities. Unique challenges to this project included achieving the required height for a regulation gymnasium, given the water table heights in the area, dealing with site constraints for developed areas on the site, and maximizing site usage to allow for property subdivision for faculty housing.

To date MMA has completed the entitlement package, as well as created marketing materials for the fundraising campaign. MMA is currently gearing up to embark on Construction Documentation for an expedited construction timeline.


Project Entitlement
Master Planning
Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Documentation

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During his tenure at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and after earning his Bachelor of Architecture, Tom has spent close to Thirty Years in planning, design, construction and contract administration for a wide range of large and small-scale projects. He joined the company in early 1997 and as one of MMA’s Principals, he has been responsible for overseeing the growth and success of the educational design studio for the last two decades. His responsibilities include contract generation, establishing budgets for hard and soft costs, design consultant coordination, and overseeing construction administration and project close-out. Tom attributes his success to his attention to detail, and his ability to work effectively with all stakeholders.