Planning & Design

While good building design addresses the commonalities of a specific building type, MMA goes further to exploit the unique opportunities that each project presents. This additional consideration is crucial in the design of public facilities. The design of a facility we are tasked with within this RFP, on the one hand, must be functional and efficient to operate and maintain; and on the other hand, represent the Universities commitment to the student’s education and the projects’ value to the local community.

Process Management

For the Rutgers Student One Stop and Commuter Lounge, the Senior Project Manager will be Peter Larsen, responsible for Full Production Oversight with assistance from our Project Manager, Tina Holmes. Our BIM Manager, Brian Gow will be involved in the design and production process from start to finish, while our Senior Detailer Dante Peluso will provide substantial guidance with his decades of experience throughout the Production and Construction Administration phases. The team has been developed based on the strengths of its members and their history with similar projects. Establishing consistent teams across multiple projects allows the work to be completed well and within the scheduled delivery period.
Rutgers Newark Campus
Rutgers Newark Campus

Interior Concepts

This project is sited along the iconic entryway to the upper campus of Rutgers-Newark at Boyden and Conklin Halls, a beacon on Campus and is slated for occupation in Fall of 2020. Rutgers shortlists MMA as one of the highest ranked firms. MMA presented our updated vision to the steering Comittee during our formal presentation including conceptual images.

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