Walmart Reimagines Big Boxes as town Centers

Walmart has made a lot of upgrades in recent years that appear to reach beyond its traditional shopper base including a spate of Millenial-targeted acquisitions and a focus on augmented reality and technology incubation. Now, the chain has plans to revamp how some of its physical stores fit within their local shopping ecosystem. Walmart has begun to reimagine some of its stores and their surrounding real estate as “town centers.”

Walmarts of the Future

The Walmart of the future could be more entertaining, as retailers and developers aim to create multi-use facilities that bring shoppers in stores and retain them for hours of entertainment.

Long Beach Reimagined

Get ready Long Beach because Walmart is reimagining select stores nationwide to experiment with a new concept—one that aims to transform the vast parking lots outside its box stores into fitness, entertainment and dining experiences.

Bayonne Towers

The iconic waterway trail that starts from the Atlantic Ocean, under the Verrazano Bridge and through the narrows and into the New York Bay is a breathtaking journey that moves your eyes from start to finish.

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