Standard Renovation

The exterior & interior environment transformed into a more welcoming and inviting space. The areas become brighter, airy, flexible to a variety of collaborators. Implementing a transparent and open concept into the public area. Optimizing the flow for both costumers, and employee experience. Furniture and graphics will restore the regional memories, provide comfortable spaces and accommodate the needs for a diversified clientele, optimizing the engagement between customers and employees, transformed into a more approachable experience. The transformation will stimulate and optimize the cognitive and emotional experience. All reflecting on TD’s design principles: Celebrate Culture, Think Human, Create Value, & Elevate Environment.


  • FLEXIBILITY – Adaptable rooms/ Flex areas, Accommodate diversity.
  • SUSTAINABLE – Environmental awareness(selection of materials, minimal disturbance of site, re-use format/adapting to new, light source)
  • HUMAN – Cultural experience, environment feeling, regional memories.
  • WELLNESS – Opportunity of growth, by engaging the community in participate in activities that will result in self-improvements (lectures, workshops, etc which will bring the community together, improve local businesses, stimulate new investments – self-improvement, financial improvements). Creating a Balanced between personal life and work spaces.


Feature Wall Mural

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