Montgomery Promenade

Virtual Reality Brings Leasing to Life

     Although construction hasn’t even begun, Madison Marquette’s development and leasing teams are already using virtual reality to shape Montgomery Promenade, a 300,000 sf regional lifestyle center in Montgomery Township, New Jersey, that will start construction in spring 2017 and open in 2018.  Madison Maquette is the developer, owner and manager of the property.

     Madison’s architecture firm, Massa Multimedia Architecture (MMA), has been developing architectural virtual reality for the past decade.  Its work, through an in house animation operation called Studio B, has brought Walmarts and shopping centers out of the ground using this “just like being there” technology that brings architectural plans and renderings to real life via a multimedia simulation.  It’s like moviemaking, says Gabriel Massa, MMA Principal.

     The Firm uses movies constructed from renderings and plans to demonstrate to planning, construction and neighborhood boards how projects will look and even feelwhen complete.  Clients can even adapt and tweak their projects on the spot as each process moves along, without waiting days for new drawings.

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