Think of this as you elevator pitch or your mission statement
Research shows that most people typically leave a website between 5 and 15 seconds of first visiting it. This means you’ve got a very small window of time to hook someone before they click away. So let’s be pessimistic for a moment and assume that your user WILL leave after a few seconds. Given that, what is the one thing you want that person to know or understand about yourself, your organization, or your company during that fleeting moment? An effectve website can communicates some key information in that short opportunity.
If you can identify meaningful problems with your current site, the next question to answer is what are the goals to address them? Be concrete and specific. Some examples: “Make it easier for visitors to subscribe to our newsletter and double our subscribers before the end of the year.” “Make our website more usable and readable on mobile devices.” “Promote our events better and boost our sign ups by at least 25%” “Encourage readers to share our stories on social media and increase our social network sharing by 50% by the end of the year.” “Sell more of our books directly from the website than we did last year.”
The more detailed the answer the better we can understand what functions and style we can incorporate into your site.
An effective website conveys the persona of your organization or company; it sets the tone for how you should be perceived. A bank or insurance company may want to convey trustworthiness and security. A dating site may want to communicate fun and optimism. A nonprofit that rescues pets may want to convey warmth and hope.