Freedom Pointe

Freedom Pointe will embody a true live, work, and play culture featuring over 500,000 square feet of upscale shop, restaurant, and theater space, Class-A corporate offices, and a high-end national Hotel brand. As part of the mixed-use transformation of Fort Monmouth, Freedom Pointe will offer a shopping experience like no other in Central New Jersey.

Freedom Pointe - Site Plan

The redevelopment of Fort Monmouth

Fashionable, exciting, and state-of-the-art, it will be considered a second home and one-stop destination for today’s efficiency-minded consumer. During the day or night, Freedom Pointe is designed to create a vibrant environment and a one of a kind experience featuring main-street, pedestrian-friendly walkways, spectacular storefront design and architecture, and the best of amenities throughout the center.

Freedom Pointe at a glance

Architectural Renderings


  • Branding-Sketch
  • Branding-Sketch-3
  • Branding-Background-2

Ever miss the romantic hand drawn look?  So do we and thats why we have incorporated these into the Montgomery Promenade marketing plan.

Video Animations

This Video was created for Paramount Realty

project using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere,

Adobe Photoshop, Lumion & Sketchup.


Marketing Brochure