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Wilbur Watts Intermediate School

MMA was the design architect the new Wilbur Watts Intermediate Campus. The project was completed and is currently occupied.

 MMA was faced with finding a home for the growing student population of Burlington City and provided with a site that many individuals speculated a new school of this size could not be built on. Our solution involved the demolition of the existing deteriorating Wilbur Watts Intermediate School (approx. 78,000 S.F.), which housed grades four through six (4-6), and demolition of associated structures consisting of tin sheds, bleachers and the Board of Education office building.

 The new 104,500 sq. ft. school houses grades (3-6) as well as the Board of Education offices. In addition, the campus is now home to a separate maintenance facility and the District’s main football field and track. New children’s basketball courts and play equipment are situated in proximity to the new building.  This facility includes various types of classrooms, small and large group instruction rooms, media center, gymnasium, auditorium, music rooms, cafeteria & kitchen, as well as office areas for staff and faculty, Board of Education members and the District’s Child Study Team.

 The new facility faces the main thoroughfare in the District and is surrounded by a small, closely knit, residential fabric. Via strategic site improvements, MMA’s design enabled children to filter out of the building and into play areas, without exposure to urban traffic.